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Outline: Chibi Amy by animegodness
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An outline of your character up to its waist.
Outline Waist Shot of an Anime Character
Practice by animegodness
This outline option is for human characters only.
(humans with animal ears or tails are accepted.)
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The Heros Smile by animegodness
Dark Side of Amy Rose by animegodness
Holding out for You by animegodness
This waist shot is for sonic characters only. It will be colored and shaded, but there will be no background provided.  The option to have a solid background or transparent background is the commissioners choice. 
Light Colored Full Body
PC: Candy by animegodness
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A full body of any sonic character, lightly colored with a simple background.


you have the option of getting just a half body, shaded normally, and a with less simple background. (I don't have a good example of the half bodies that are recent, so sorry for the examples. )
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Sticker Amy by animegodness
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RQ: Daichi Summer Uniform by animegodness
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I will NOT charge extra for two characters.
If more then three characters, please donate the points.

+5 :points: for extra characters (meaning if 3 characters or more)
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PC 3: InvisibleElvis by animegodness
Just a Full Body Sticker Style of the character of your choice.

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Cover- Memories Chapter 1 by animegodness
Cover- Memories Chapter 1
So, here we go.

As promised, here is the cover to my new comic that I am currently working on. Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

Amy Rose, the happy and go lucky self proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog is no longer a part of the living.  In fact, she seems to be a spirit that none of her friends are able to see, but why? How is she dead?  All she can remember is Sonic...Was he the last person she was with before she..died? Some parts of Amy's memories seem to be missing and it isn't only her who seems to be missing those memories of what happened that day.  Is it because it's just something that they aren't meant to remember?

Kinda vague, I know.
But I promise you'll get a clear picture of things as the comic goes on. Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2] 


Amy Rose (c) Sega
Memories Pg. 2 by animegodness
Memories Pg. 2
I prefer these speech bubbles better..and I didn't need to turn my file into a JPEG while doing them so yah Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

This page was much faster and easier to do so..
yah for me Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

Nothing much else to say

Enjoy page 2

Amy, Cream, and Cheese (c) Sega
Previous: Memories Pg. 1
Next: Memories Pg. 3
Memories Pg. 1 by animegodness
Memories Pg. 1
Yeah, starting a comic.

I think maybe it will help me improve in backgrounds and poses and all that stuffzz but since I have never done a comic sorta thing it was quite hard to figure out how to go about doing all the the bubbles and..gah..

I won't bore you with details XD 
but yeah sorry for the lack of details in the background their currently at Amy's House where she is obviously getting ready as cream states above.  I'll do better at the backgrounds and figure out another way to do those speech bubbles cause I dont like having to turn my stuff to JPEG..then it is just no..Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 

The summary of the comic will be put when i post up the cover so till then

Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 

 Amy, Cream, and Cheese (C) Sega
Next: Memories Pg. 2
Amy hadn't gotten better as Sonic had hoped.  Somehow he felt like she had gotten worse.  Tails told him not to worry, but he couldn't help but do just that.  

Her cheeks were flushed, indicating her fever was still there, and she couldn't stand without having one of those dizzy spells as he liked to call it.  She spent most of her time in bed, having small headaches.

How was he not supposed to worry again?

I guess the lucky thing was it wasn't just Sonic.  Cream and her mother were the biggest help.  He felt content with them around because as much as he wanted to stay by her side 24/7 till she got better, he had responsibilities. So, he was at least able to be at ease knowing she was at least always under good care with them.

"Hope we aren't bugging you too much hon." Rouge said, putting a hand on Amy's head to see how hot she was.

"N-No!..not at all." Amy panicked, wanting to answer rouge quickly as all eyes fell on her.

"It would be a sad Christmas if you guys weren't around and I was just stuck in bed all day.."

"True, but if you're feeling tired or if you're getting one of your dizzy spells just tell us okay Amy?" Cream frowned in concern.

"That's right dear, don't push yourself too much ok?" Vanilla chimed in, wanting to make sure Amy got it into her head and wasn't just waving their concerns off.

Every year, if possible, their friends would hold a Christmas party.  This year, since Amy had not recovered in time, they decided to hold the party at her house.  

It was convenient considering then Amy wouldn't have to leave the house, could rest on her own couch, and still be apart of their Christmas party.

"I'm fine really everyone.." Amy smiled softly.

"Your mouth says that but your body says something else." Shadow interrupted, before Amy could change the subject.  

He sat down beside her and pulled her body to his, letting her head fall onto the soft fur on his chest.

Sonic frowned, he wasn't sure whether the red on her cheeks was from the fever now or because she was actually blushing.

Not that he cared either way, but still he strolled over.

"Since when has our dark mysterious friend been such a softy??" He joked, some small part of him wanting to embarrass Shadow to reconsider his actions.

Shadow grunted, not bothering to give Sonic a glance.

"Now now~ don't be so jealous blue..actually I read somewhere that cuddling is actually helpful in these sort of situations." Rouge explained, giving sonic a knowing smile, which only made sonic frown and shift with discomfort.

"How does cuddling someone help?" Sonic mumbled, seeing Amy actually fix herself against him.

"Shadows body temperature is cool compared to Amy's who's probably burning up Sonic" Tails explained, not at all seeing that Sonic had asked it as a rhetorical question.

"So, in some way it does help Amy...but it is still weird." He agreed, shocked to see Shadow even being so nice.

"I seriously think you're just making it worse Shadow, I mean isn't that sorta meant to help people warm up more then cool their fever down?" Sonic said anyways, even after Tails had explained.

He hated it.  It felt weird seeing Amy resting against Shadow.  It was a WEIRD site just like tails said. It wasn't that he was jealous, it was just a site he wasn't used to seeing.

Nope, not jealous or bothered at all just stating facts.  He reasoned.

"If you don't like it don't stare.." Shadow glared, annoyed by his complaining.

"Rose doesn't seem to mind." He went on.

" is..kind off head does just feels rest it..on something soft." Amy smiled, her eyes closing slowly, not in any hurry to pull away.

"Careful there hon~ if Shadow’s fan girls ever saw'd be in a bit of a pinch wouldn't you?" Rouge smiled in amusement, unlike Sonic enjoying the site of the two.  Mostly because she couldn’t get over how jealous Amy’s blue hero looked.

"Psh, still shocking how someone like Shadow can have fan girls.." Sonic scoffed.

"Sounds like someone is jealous if you ask me.." Knuckled grinned, jabbing Sonic’s side in a teasing manner.

"Ms.  Amy?" Cream blinked, noticing she hadn't spoken for a bit.

Shadow, also noticing her lack of movement and looked over to her.

"She's asleep." he answered.

"Asleep? I guess this party really was too much for her." Tails frowned, slightly worried at her condition.

"She looks to be in peace though doesn't she?" Vanilla smiled, noticing her content expression.

"Mr. Shadow must have helped Ms. Amy get her much needed sleep." Cream smiled, very happy Amy was getting some rest.

"Joy.." Sonic mumbled, the only one not happy on the position she and Shadow were in.  It looked like they were a couple, sitting together on the couch with everyone around them.

Again, really not jealous.

Tails sighed, as he drank some of the hot chocolate that Vanilla and Cream had prepared for everyone.

"Still..I know I said this wasn't anything to worry about..but...Amy HAS been unwell for a few days now...I'm starting to wonder if it really is just a fever or…if maybe I'm just overthinking."

"You're overthinking buddy." Sonic decided for him, not wanting to hear Tails say that.  He wanted to hear that Amy was getting better.  That this cold of her's was close to passing that SHADOW would get off her already.

SERIOUSLY, not jealous.  

Gasping noises suddenly filled the room.  Everyone turned to see Amy jolt up and off of Shadow, clutching her chest as she looked like she was searching for some sort of breath to breathe.

"A-Amy??" Sonic questioned, completely taken back by her suddenly jolting up.

"H-Hon?? Hey, whats wrong??" Rouge blinked, just as surprised as the blue hedgehog.  

"Can't...breath…C-Can't...h-help.." she whimpered out, clutching her chest tightly.  Everyone only watched as they slowly felt a panic begin to rise in each of them.

"Everyone please give her some room! We must not crowd her! It will only make things worse!” Vanilla instructed, but Sonic just froze in place beside her.  He was just supposed to leave her side and watch her gasp for air?

"A-Amy..." he grit his teeth, his fist clenching hating this moment with every fiber of his being.  How the hell was he supposed to help her in this sort of situation?! Even the others looked at a loss in what they were supposed to do.

"M-Ms.  Amy..." Cream whimpered out, shaking as she was afraid for her friend.  "Y-You need too..You need too.." She cried, not knowing at all what to tell her.

"Mr. Tails! do something!" She pleaded, turning to him seeing him as the smartest person she'd ever known.  Surely he must have had SOME solution.

"I-I" Tails trembled, panicking unable to think right then and there. He wasn't a doctor damn it!  He was an expert when it came to machines not mobians, and that killed him a little because if he was an expert then maybe he'd at least know what to do...

Shadow was the only one who seemed to act, but even to him it felt as if he had reacted slowly instead of quickly, to everyone things just seemed to slow down.

He vanished into the kitchen, where he searched quickly for what he needed, returning with a paper bag.

"A-A Bag?! What the hell-" Sonic frowned seeing him move closer to her with it.

"Just shut up a moment!" Shadow growled, offering it to Amy.

"Breathe in it." he commanded,

"I-I..." she struggled for words, looking to him and then the bag he was trying to offer her.


"How can she breathe in it if she cant't get any breath?!" Sonic growled, not understanding how this would help, but seeing Amy do as Shadow told her.

"Breathe slowly and just stop panicking." he ignored Sonic, concentrating only on Amy for the moment.

To Sonic it felt like so many minutes passed before her body finally stopped shaking, and she seemed to catch the breath she so begged for.

Everyone sighed in relief seeing her calm.

"W-What in chaos was that?!..." Knuckles finally spoke, breaking the long silence.

"M-Ms. Amy are you alright?!” Cream cried, wanting to go over to her side but not wanting to start up again whatever just happened there.

“S-she was just sleeping…I don’t understand what happened.” Tails finally spoke, just as confused as the others.

“Vanilla…has something like this ever..happened before?”  He questioned her.

“W-Well..I know she has sometimes had a shortness of breath but-“

“AMY!” Sonic reached out, catching her body as it became limp.    

“Oh for chaos sake…What now?!” Knuckles growled, not enjoying what he was seeing and like Sonic, feeling helpless to do anything.

“Shit..” Sonic cursed under breath as he held Amy as gently as he could.


“Tails! Get some ice! Some cold water an ice pack! ANYTHING” Sonic ordered, his panic continuing as he actually felt just how hot she was.

“I-Ice?..U-uh…R-right!!” Tails hurried, Cream following along behind wanting to do SOMETHING for her friend.

“Damn it..Was she this hot when you had her?” Sonic questioned Shadow, seeing her become quite weak.  

“S-Sonic..” She managed to whisper out as she opened her eyes slightly, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck to hold him to her.

He blushed,

“A-Amy, Quit that! This isn’t the time for-“



“Can you..carry me up room now?” Amy smiled as sweetly as she could, trying to assure everyone she was fine and that all she needed was some rest.

“..Ames..” He frowned, lifting her up bridal style trying to be careful not to be too fast in his movements.

“That’s right dear…Just walk her up…I know you’d normally run up but..” Vanilla began to explain,

“I running wouldn’t help with how she is right now”

She smiled gently, seeing the worry in Sonic's eyes.

“She’ll be…okay Sonic we just..need to give it time”

He merely stayed silent and began walking up as slowly as he could to her room.

“We’ll send up Tails and Cream when they get everything.” She called after him, hearing no response as she only heard the clicking of a door.  

(Amy's Room)

“Man..2 times I’ve been in your room now huh Ames?  It’s gotta be like a new record.” He joked, as he placed her carefully down on the bed.

“Sonic..” She called for him softly, straining his ears to hear what she was telling him.

“S-Stay..with me..a little…Okay?”

“…Of course” He nodded, not really having planned to make a dash for it this time.  His friend wasn’t well, she was way past beyond not fine and it killed him to see her like this.

“Geez, some hero I am..”



“You’re my hero..” She smiled gently, almost looking like her cute self when she did.

“But…Amy..You’re all sick and I..I don’t know what to do..” His ears lowered, not understanding how Amy could even say that.

“You couldn’t breathe and instead of…you know helping….like Shadow did I just…froze.”


“It NOT okay!” he growled,

“You couldn’t breathe! and all I did was-“

“Sonic..I didn’t know…what to do…either…wouldn’t..have known..” She strained to talk, but wanted to get Sonic to understand.

“Would…you have…been mad at me…If the roles were…reversed..and you were the one..”

“Of course not…” He answered her, already knowing where she was going with the question.

She smiled,

“I..really…love you”

He blushed, really hating when she said that.  He didn’t really know how to respond to that because obviously saying it back would be a problem.  


“I..” He hesitated, quickly looking to the door wishing Cream and Tails would just walk in right about now.

“I’m only..telling you..I don’t…need to hear..” she tried to explain sensing his panic but unable to finish her sentence as she closed her eyes feeling too exhausted and sick to want to say anything more.


He looked back waiting a moment to make sure no one was coming as he leaned his head forward to hers, placing his cool forehead onto hers.

“You’re just…impossible sometimes.” He spoke softly seeing she was going in and out of sleep.

“You’re always so forceful and demanding…You nag me a lot and never leave me alone or give me any breathing space.  You’re constantly trying to crush me with hugs and showering me with your stupid kisses…You’re high strong, annoying, completely crazy! And you just don’t take no for an answer!...but..” He softened, her eyes opening slightly to look back at him.

“You’re also..kind…you’re’re like no other person I have ever met…Amy what Im trying to say by all of that..”  He stopped, wondering if she was even listening, her expression looking dazed.  


“Ms. Amy! Hold on!! I have the ice packs and and!!..don’t die on us!!” she cried, bursting through the doors causing Sonic to quickly straighten up, blushing madly wondering If he was caught with her.


“Don’t worry Mr. Sonic!” She smiled, as she placed a cool pack on Amy’s head bringing out a smile from her as she obviously loved the feeling of it on her.

“Ms. Amy will be all cooled down in no time~” She smiled happy, seeing she was able to provide some comfort for her friend.

“Sorry, we took a while.” Tails entered, holding a bowl with some cold water.  

“But we’re ready! If Amy’s fever gets bad again we’ll just cool her right down!”

“Y-Yeah…but..what about..” Sonic frowned, feeling like this wasn’t’ exactly enough.

“Don’t worry Sonic! I swear..I’m going to find out what’s going on with Amy if it’s the last thing I do!” He declared.


“I just…it was wrong of me to ignore it..and just dismiss Amy’s symptoms as just a flu..even though I really want to believe this will pass…if there is a way to help get Amy feeling better faster..then I’m going to look for it!”

“If you find out anything buddy just let me know then.” Sonic nodded, feeling just the same as Tails.  If there was a way to help Amy feel better faster than he wouldn’t stop either.  Thinking of Amy though…

He wondered if Amy had even heard him and his..”speech”.  What was he trying to say anyways with that…speech or..was it more of a confession?..

Was he going to say he actually…liked Amy Rose?
Sick Christmas 3
There was actually a lot of stuff I wanted to do different for this chapter, and I probably should have gone through with the changes but then it would have gotten too complicated.  Unless it’s complicated already? Hopefully not.  If it is ill clear up things for you in the next chapter.  You shall find out whats up no worries. 

It is funny though I have done each chapter each Christmas year, without really meaning too, but hopefully I can stay inspired to finish the next chapter during this month so I can say I have a story that’s complete XD

Also I know i know...commissions Pikachu crying plz 
I will get it done this month too!


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